Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Of The Fun Things About Having Something Go Viral

Edit/Update: My definition was also posted on The Daily Beast's tumblr, and tweeted by a few legitimate political reporters. The Washington Post printing is still the coolest mention though.

Looking through the tweets about something you made is a lot of fun, especially when new ones keep coming. According to Twitter's share button programming, my Urban Dictionary definition has been linked to on Twitter 183 times. And that's just the direct links, of course. I like seeing what they have to say about it, as shown in these two links:!/search/realtime/

The Urban Dictionary direct link also has thousands of Facebook likes. That's around ten times as many as I ever got for and (directly). And about 800 Facebook shares, which is hard to wrap my head around. But Santorum 2012's Twitter mentions and Buzzfeed reactions were probably the most fun to look through.