Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recent Doodles

Boy Who Can't Comprehend Things

Try not to get overwhelmed. I know there's a lot of stuff in this update. But read everything! I'm debating separating each character into its own cropped image-with-caption in a later post so that this is easier to take in.

The pencil I used was pretty crummy. The photos were taken with my cell phone as usual.

Upper left: Bear
Lower right: Stern Bear

Condescending Monkey

Clockwise from upper left: 1. Guy Who Just Realized MTV Reality Show "Bully Beatdown" Is Completely Scripted 2.  Baby Who Is Prematurely Learning That She Lives In An Unjust World 3. Depressing Guy Who Languishes In The Corner Cubicle And Is Given No Substantial Work By Employer Until He Dies 4. Guy Whose Eyes Are Just A Little More Intense By Default Than Is Socially Acceptable 5. Terrifying Specter Of Your Disappointed Ancestors 6. Guy Deciding Whether Or Not He Should Run To Get His Metro Train 7. Somebody's Stupid Uncle

Clockwise from left: 1. Saucy Robot Who Is Understood By The Other Characters In The Movie But Not The Audience 2. Determined Pellet-Shaped Candy Mascot 3. Guy Having An Epiphany About Something In His Cubicle 4. Mountain Lion Who Can See When He Is Going To Die

First row: 1. Unfinished 2. Tiny Genial Robot Who Is The Life Of The Party
Second row: 3. Person Who Is Surprised When Somebody Tells Him His Ears Are Big 4.  Creepy Temp With Receding Chin Among Other Problems 5. Kid Who Gets Bullied Frequently And Experts Don't Understand Why 6. Guy Who Would Be Wearing A Leisure Suit If This Were The 1970s
Third row: 7. Unfinished 8. Man Whose Windswept Combover Only Temporarily Distracts People From His Grossly Asymmetrical Eyes
Fourth row: 9. Cat You Feel Guilty About Neglecting 10. Man Waking Up From Brain Surgery Slightly Stupider Than Before 11. Guy Who Believes In Gay Marriage In Theory But Is Still Perceptibly Uncomfortable Around Homosexuals
Clockwise from top: 1. Quadrapus 2. Adorable Kitten Who Idolizes Quadrapus 3. Intelligent Dog With Stupid Face 4. Boy 5. A spaceship 6. Neopolitan Man
And here are a couple extras below. Click the thumbnails to see the full images if you want.

Flying back to Chicago tomorrow for law school. It's going to be really nice to be back home, which is what I consider Chicago now.