Friday, June 17, 2011

The Internet's Digestion of Santorum and How Santorum Overflow is Seeping through My Clog

UPDATE: Added a little more to this article. Also my less popular site was also featured on popular gay blogs Towleroad and Joe my God, as well as the front page of Buzzfeed.

First, an explanation of the real symbolism in "Santorum Over Obama: A Cake." The melted Cookies 'N' Cream bars (four total) of course represent Rick Santorum. The butt bread that happens to be the exact same shade of beige as the president represents Obama and his butt. That's why it's "Santorum Over Obama" and if Rick Santorum knows what's good for him he'll make that his campaign slogan. Such a strong image of dominance this picture represents!

So while people seem to think my website is crude, now you understand that it's actually a collection of sophisticated metaphors and that as a viewer of my site you're an erudite connoisseur of high brow art and fecal humor.

you made me spitted out my santorum smootie T_T

Second, Santorum 2012 is starting to go viral and I haven't even sent out my planned press release yet. (Update 8/25/2012: I never did send out that press release.) A couple of posts on Reddit got us about 400--500 unique visitors in a day each, but after being featured on the front page of popular content aggregation site BuzzFeed, one of my photos has received almost 12,000 views so far (Update October 2012: That's over 30,000 now). Santorum 2012 itself got over 4000 unique visits on Wednesday, splattering our previous record.

So far it's been featured in a popular gay blog (Towleroad), Dan Savage's official santorum website, and the blogs of a couple of newspapers including The Stranger, the Seattle paper that Dan Savage edits.

My website is also now the fifth result on the first page when potential voters and diners google 'Santorum 2012.'

In addition, a lovable robot called Yahoo! Slurp has been slurping away at the Santorum feed.

Santorum overflow has also been trickling into my clog. About 5% of Santorum 2012's visitors check out JPG Clog.

The number of people visiting Santorum 2012 has been shrinking though, so I have a favor to ask of you: Email your favorite blogs and news sources about Santorum 2012. Tell them it's the new face of domain squatting or it's an alternative campaign site or whatever you want.

More pictures to come, including submissions! And as hard as it is to believe, I have another recipe I'm working on that will rival even the Obama butt cake.