Monday, July 16, 2012

Will Romney Pick Pawlenty for VP? I'm Hoping So Because Of A Couple Domains I Own

Still shot from a campaign video featuring Tim Pawlenty, me, and a Black Person at CPAC 2011.
News sources are saying that there's a decent chance that Romney will pick Tim Pawlenty to be his VP candidate. While I was never able to get my hands on, I did buy and roughly two years ago.

Plus I was briefly in a Pawlenty campaign video last year! 

Unfortunately I don't think he's going to pick Pawlenty. Romney is the clear underdog and needs several lucky breaks to beat Obama this year. Even if the economy tanks, the Republicans have left their destructive fingerprints on so many programs in the last couple years that I don't think that will sway things toward Romney.

Pawlenty is a "safe" choice, which means he has very little upside. While it's possible that Romney will be so deterred by McCain's choice of Palin that he'll want to avoid any possible loose cannons, I don't think he's going to choose such a boring candidate. If he's going to pick a boring candidate, he might as well pick one from a crucial swing state, like Bob McDonnell of Virginia.