Wednesday, July 11, 2012


.COM Domain Name Registration - 1 Year (recurring)

Quantity:1 domain(s)

I was talking to friends about stuff and something prompted me to joke about developing an app that makes it easier for workers and government leaders in developing countries to seize land and assets from wealthy European companies and redistribute them. I decided that it would be called "Seize Se Puede". Then I liked that name so much that I immediately bought the domain.

It comes from "Si Se Puede", the famous inspirational line from legendary labor leader Cesar Chavez, which was of course translated and adapted by Obama for his presidential campaign. The name of this domain might not actually be that marketable though because "Seize Se Puede" sounds almost exactly the same as "Si Se Puede" when said out loud. But maybe that's a good thing for a wealth redistribution application.

Also Godaddy tells me I have 75 domains expiring. Great.