Monday, August 29, 2016 Media Bender Is Capped Off With NPR "Morning Edition" Interview

I've had stories profiling me in dozens of news sources, including:
CNN (twice),
DCist (three times),
NBC News,
NY Daily News,
Glenn Beck,
the Verge,
Above The Law;
and many other blogs, countless local news affiliates, and several foreign news sources,

The site itself has also been featured on Rachel Maddow, the Boston Globe, the Washington Examiner, the Daily Dot, and other places.

I'm happy with how this segment turned out on NPR's Morning Edition:

They could have framed me as an amoral ball of slime, but like most sources, they saw it as a fun little story. We started out talking about the Hillary Potter fanfiction on the site and how I came to buy the site, and then I debuted the news of my sale of the site for $15,000! And in a great twist, after Clinton's digital director passed on the domain, the buyer ended up being Trump's digital director!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Behind The Strip: "Out Of The Frying Pan"

Finally, another strip with the comic's supposed title character, Feldman. So far she's been in maybe one out of every five strips. Hopefully she'll show up more frequently.

Here's an earlier iteration of the second panel:

What do you think? Did I screw up by getting rid of the color and putting a box around it?

Update: Wow, I liked the earlier version so much that I ended up adding the color back into it. Here's the colorless version, for reference: