Saturday, December 29, 2012

Inking And Coloring Cartoons

If you've been following this clog, you know that I started teaching myself how to draw about three years ago, and then almost one year ago I started teaching myself how to draw cartoons. Before January 2012, I had never really attempted to draw cartoons, but I think I took to it pretty quickly. I started drawing countless cats and quadrupi and other animals, weirding out my classmates at Northwestern Law in the process.

Unfortunately, because of law school, Moodstring, hip hop production, and countless other half-assed projects, I've generally only been able to dedicate a limited, sporadic amount of time to getting better at cartooning. Maybe about once a month I would spend an hour or two drawing in my apartment when I felt the urge to do it. I also drew on the whiteboards and blackboards at my school whenever I got the chance. 

But after I finished my exams for this semester, I decided to put a good chunk of time into developing my line work, inking method, and coloring. Basically I wanted my cartoons to look as legitimate as the political cartoons and popular comics I see online and in the papers. So first I draw the sketches in pencil, then I ink them in with a brush pen (which is essentially a paint brush with ink constantly flowing into it), and draw over my smaller lines and shading with a normal pen, then I scan the drawing and color it in.

Choo Choo Whale

This whale with the smokey blowhole, named Choo Choo Whale, was the result of my first try. There's a lot of brush scraping evident in the ink; lines where the brush went a little dry or made the wrong shape or something because I moved it too fast or had it at the wrong angle. After this post I'll experiment with vectorizing my images if I'm not happy with the line work.

Here's a guy I drew. Not a particular guy, just a guy in my head. He kind of looks like my friend Andrew. For some reason even though I spent a couple years on-and-off teaching myself figure drawing, and then a year on-and-off teaching myself cartooning, I never bothered to learn to draw human faces. Oh well! 

Anyway, the linework of the hair in this drawing, specifically the sides of the hair on the far right and far left rather than the hairline, is what I'm really going for. I want that smooth, professional style with natural-looking variations, as I see in hand-drawn comics. If I can do with all my drawings what I did with the hair in this drawing, then I'll have succeeded at more-or-less perfecting my inking.

That's another drawing. In my next cartooning post, I might experiment with vectorizing some of these in Adobe Illustrator and seeing if that makes them look smoother, cleaner, more appealing, and more professional, or if I prefer to have all the hand-drawn touches kept in the pictures.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Men And Cats

I'm Jewish and not really doing anything right now, but Merry Christmas. I don't think I've ever posted about this: Here's an entry about me on Men and Cats from two and a half years ago. My friend Hannah submitted me.

Man, I was so much smaller back then, a measly 190 pounds at six feet. Now I'm 215 and I like being this dense and heavy. I just wish my old suits would fit.

Me hunched over petting a projects cat on Staten Island.

New post about inking and coloring cartoons to come soon.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Politico Writer Interviews Me, References A Couple Of My Political Domain Names In Article That He Didn't Use Me For

A few days ago, a guy named Steve Friess who writes for Politico called me to interview me for an article. The cool thing was that he didn't do this because of one of my parody sites, or the "legitimate rape" thing, or anything I've done that's gotten press attention. He was doing a piece about political domain name squatting for 2016 and saw through a "whois" search that I own around 100 domains through several pseudonyms. So that was kind of cool, the idea of being newsworthy for multiple, separate things this year.

Unfortunately he didn't mention me in the article. He used some of the stuff I told him (as well as the Seinfeld-referencing title of the article, possibly), but he mentioned a bunch of other squatters instead. I think my narrative of it being tied in with autograph dealing, and parody websites, and Intrade for me didn't fit his article. I also talked about how people just typing in urls will become less and less common and political domain squatting will mostly die and what remains will have to be about search ranks eventually, like my Santorum site. And his article was already long enough, I guess. But he did lead the article off with one of my domains! 

Here's an unrelated political cartoon I made an edit to, to break up the text in this post. In the original one, disdainful Obama is not farting onto Romney's face.

It's scary how many good Democrat domain names I have, particularly Clinton. I have many good ones that start with her name. I like to imagine selling a domain to a Democratic campaign and then donating the money back to it. I don't know if I could keep that money. It's a lot less morally ambiguous to take money from Republicans that they would have spent on other campaign stuff, and thus hurting the Republican Party. I don't want to do that to the Democrats. I just couldn't ignore these domains and let somebody else scoop them up. Maybe I'll rationalize it by saying the Democratic Party is too conservative or something, but that sounds like bullshit. 

The picture drawn by Politico's resident cartoonist, who won a Pulitzer recently, includes a couple of my domains too! That's kind of neat. Also, the writer of the article did tell me afterward that he's going to revisit the topic in more depth and will keep me in mind.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What I Do When I Have Insomnia While In Law School

This is what I do when I have insomnia. I walk to the law school after midnight and draw huge cartoons on the whiteboards for the morning classes to see.

Wheels within wheels, man.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Here Is A Cuppy Cake

Yes, I know it's cutting into the links.

And here is what I call an animated "Cuppy Cake Binary."

Edit: And yes, there is some background for these weird drawings, but it's not particularly interesting. I drew them for my ex-girlfriend who had to go be a lawyer in Taiwan this fall. We ended things mutually about a month after she moved because there was no real foreseeable way for us to end up together.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Notes From Wisconsin

I left my apartment at 4:45 AM on Election Day to watch polls in rural Wisconsin--specifically Mt. Pleasant in Racine County--for prevent voter suppression, getting back to my apartment around 10:45 PM. It was fun. The Romney people who were there were very friendly and we got along very well; same with the poll workers. Even the woman there for the Tea Party (they never actually write their affiliation on the registry; they'd all been instructed to call themselves "concerned citizens") was pretty nice. We all ate a lot of unhealthy food. I took notes about suspicious people while I was there. Here they are:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drawing Cats Better And Drawing Better Cats/My Obnoxiously Beautiful Girlfriend

Cat pictures are up here, girlfriend pictures are further down.

As some of you know, I started teaching myself how to draw about two years ago, and then started teaching myself how to draw cartoons nine months ago in January. Well, I'm still trying to get better at that. I've been starting to figure out how to properly ink cartoons as well as different methods of shading for cartoons.

Here's the second cartoon I actually tried to ink, made a few days ago. It's supposed to demonstrate the respective marginal value outcomes for the rich, middle class, and poor if you institute a small increase in tax rates for the highest earners. It's kind of clumsy and I tried a few different things with shading and coloring in order to see what works.

The fat cat is a new character of mine called "Fat Cat Pig". He's both a pig and a cat and he wears a top hat because he's rich, obviously. I really like how the middle cat turned out in the second panel. So pudgy-faced and happy.

The coloring was actually all gray in the beginning, but some of the grays were warm grays and some of them were cool grays. I liked how it looked when I brought the blues and browns out in those grays with Photoshop, so I went with it.

I also made this little birthday card for Peichi, who had to move back to Taiwan at the end of August and start being a lawyer there. I made this maybe a week before I made the comic above. The perspectives don't make any sense and it's shaded too heavily, but I like the cat. It says "Happy Birthday Peichi" and then "Maomao" on the bottom because that's the name of her black cat. This is the first cartoon I tried to ink. I only even really learned how inking works a week or two ago.

Here's Peichi graduating from my law school with her LLM degree. Peichi is really tall and smart and funny and beautiful and people actually stop me at clubs and bars and congratulate me like just being with somebody so beautiful is a huge accomplishment: 

And here she is in a picture with me taken by a club promoter, and I don't even care that I look horrible in it:
I miss her, obviously.

FINALLY, here's a prototype for the scalable vector avatars I want to use for Moodstring:



I swear I draw other things too. I'm not even like, that into cats over other animals. I draw a lot of bears, ducks, people, etc. Sorry for this post not being funny. I'm exhausted. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Legal Advice (Rejection Letter)

God, I'm sick of getting rejection letters.

Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 9:11 AM 

Dear Mr. Green: 

Thank you for sending your resume. Despite your impressive qualifications, I regret to advise you that we are unable to offer you a summer associate position. We appreciate your interest in our firm and wish you success in your legal career. 

Very truly yours, 

Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 9:18 AM


Thank you for the advice. I will take it under consideration. 

Jeremy Peter Green

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sad Sack (What I Will Look Like In Ten Years)

Here is how I imagine myself looking in ten years, after I've been practicing law for a while.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paul Ryan Accidentally Attacks Torture In A Statement About His Tax Plan

In an interview with Fox News's Chris Wallace, after Wallace brings up the Obama campaign's claim that the Ryan/Romney tax plan will cost five trillion dollars, Paul Ryan says, "Look, this just goes to show: If you torture statistics enough, they'll confess to what you want them to confess." He goes on to refuse to answer Chris Wallace's request for actual math to show how his plan can possibly be "revenue neutral."

This statement is significant because the metaphor Ryan uses actually harms the Republican case for legalizing torturous interrogation tactics like waterboarding. According to him, the Obama campaign waterboarded Ryan's tax plan's numbers until it gave harmful results.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time To Write An Article About Singer-Songwriter Emily Earle Before Everybody Else Does

Next week, a young musician named Emily Earle will be on NBC performing her blind audition for The Voice and she will probably get through to the next round. I saw her perform in Manhattan six months ago during my 1L spring break after dragging my girlfriend to a bar somewhere around Avenue B. I don't remember why I wanted to go to this bar so badly, but it wasn't because of Emily Earle because I didn't know who she was or that she would be performing there.

Anyway, she was very endearing and she has a good voice. Her drummer/back-up vocalist was very good at his role too and it's a shame that she had to leave her backing band behind. I talked to her and the band after the performance and they told me she was leaving for Nashville the next day to try to make it down there. I think she has a good shot because of her talent and because she has a charm that will carry over to television very well. Plus one of her bandmates told me that her uncle is accomplished country musician and producer Steve Earle, so Emily's pretty set.

Here's her most popular Youtube video right now: 

Watch for her on The Voice next week.

Update: Well, she made it through. Here's her interview right after her blind audition:

And here she is liking this post on Twitter:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Failed Moodstring Design Attempt #1

Click to enlarge.

This was going to be on the "splash page" for the social networking/self-improvement/data collection site I'm working on, meaning people who haven't registered or logged in would see it when they visited the site. Yeah, I don't know, it hasn't gotten positive responses.

I had the lines continuing throughout the three images, to show how all three things will interact on the site, and a lot of repeating colors. The red, yellow, and green are important because those will be used to represent moods on the site. The map picture is what I think the map overlay feature will look like on the site, where you'll be able to see the moods of different countries at whatever time and date you want.

I guess I need to go more modern. I've been wanting to use that baby picture in something for two years now. I took it at the Glenn Beck rally (obviously I wasn't attending as a supporter).

Maybe I'll go for a more hand-drawn look. The site will be full of cartoons anyway. I could make a cartoon background instead of trying to look like every other major social network and start-up website.

Small update on the "legitimate rape" viral definition thing. In addition to all the other news sources that have used it, a Mother Jones article about men defining rape closed with my fake definition. The article has about 2000 tweets and 2000 Facebook likes, which indicates that it was read by hundreds of thousands of people. Very glad to be part of the national conversation about rape, as long as my satirical definition doesn't start getting taken seriously by conservatives.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Literary Criticism Of Atlas Shrugged Got Published In Extremely Prestigious News Blog The Huffington Post

I'm on a roll. My Quora answer got popular enough (125 votes up so far) that it came to the attention of Quora's publishing board. They then posted it on Quora's Huffington Post blog.

The post is an apolitical criticism of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, ripping it apart for being written so badly. Hopefully you'll find it entertaining.

In other news, please give me a job for next summer, seriously.

More cartoons to come soon. I bought a new drawing tablet, as well as hand-drawn animation supplies including animation paper and a ruler for my light box. I'm going to try to make some entertaining cartoons using a combination of these two animation methods. Sort of a cross between Don Hertzfeldt and Shmorky. I love the work of both of these artists.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Of The Fun Things About Having Something Go Viral

Edit/Update: My definition was also posted on The Daily Beast's tumblr, and tweeted by a few legitimate political reporters. The Washington Post printing is still the coolest mention though.

Looking through the tweets about something you made is a lot of fun, especially when new ones keep coming. According to Twitter's share button programming, my Urban Dictionary definition has been linked to on Twitter 183 times. And that's just the direct links, of course. I like seeing what they have to say about it, as shown in these two links:!/search/realtime/

The Urban Dictionary direct link also has thousands of Facebook likes. That's around ten times as many as I ever got for and (directly). And about 800 Facebook shares, which is hard to wrap my head around. But Santorum 2012's Twitter mentions and Buzzfeed reactions were probably the most fun to look through.

Friday, August 24, 2012

OCI Is Really Tiring And Here I'll Show You How

Here's a pre-enactment of all my interviews at Northwestern Law's On-Campus Interviews (OCI) that I cut from an old episode of Nickelodeon Arcade:

And here's a quick sketch I did of myself:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Washington Post Printed My Definition Of "Legitimate Rape"

I feel honored. I'm a real part of this national scandal now. This was actually printed in the physical version of the Post, as well as online.

My definition has also been used in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Arizona Daily Star, and a few other news sources.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Definition Of "Legitimate Rape" I Made Up Has Gone Viral

9/12/2012 Update: I'm going to turn this post into a catch-all post for places this definition has been used.

I submitted an entry for "legitimate rape" last night on Urban Dictionary and it was their Urban Word of the Day today. About 4000 thumbs up so far, and many dozens of tweets linking to that definition. Urban Dictionary's first of two Facebook status posts that link to the entry has over 2000 likes and hundreds of comments. About 800 people have shared UD's two status updates about my definition.

I did this in reference to Rep. Todd Akin's recent remarks, of course.

I'm now the leading authority on Legitimate Rape. How do I develop this into a legal paper?

Update: Popular legal culture blog Above the Law did a little profile of me because of this. They even suggest that people hire me. Seriously, please hire me.

Update 2: Mentioned in the Washington Post! Not bad!

Update 3: My definition has now been used in a few other news sources. A Mother Jones article about the history of men defining rape even closes with my definition. This article has been tweeted about almost 2000 times and liked on Facebook 2400 times. These numbers indicate that hundreds of thousands of people have read this article, which is very cool. Thousands of years of men defining rape, and now I'm the latest! That kind of makes me uncomfortable, but as long as Republicans don't start actually adopting my definition, I'm proud that it caught on. The hundreds of posts on various forums about my definition are fun for me to read too. It's cool to think about thousands of people, which is just a portion of the hundreds of thousands of people who've read my definition, choosing to "like" something I wrote.

I'm part of the zeitgeist now. Decades from now, when people read about this scandal as a minor historical episode, my definition will be mentioned as one of the major cultural responses. I'm glad that I've made this revealing episode for the Republican Party that much more memorable and I hope it keeps biting them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recent Doodles

Boy Who Can't Comprehend Things

Try not to get overwhelmed. I know there's a lot of stuff in this update. But read everything! I'm debating separating each character into its own cropped image-with-caption in a later post so that this is easier to take in.

The pencil I used was pretty crummy. The photos were taken with my cell phone as usual.

Upper left: Bear
Lower right: Stern Bear

Condescending Monkey

Clockwise from upper left: 1. Guy Who Just Realized MTV Reality Show "Bully Beatdown" Is Completely Scripted 2.  Baby Who Is Prematurely Learning That She Lives In An Unjust World 3. Depressing Guy Who Languishes In The Corner Cubicle And Is Given No Substantial Work By Employer Until He Dies 4. Guy Whose Eyes Are Just A Little More Intense By Default Than Is Socially Acceptable 5. Terrifying Specter Of Your Disappointed Ancestors 6. Guy Deciding Whether Or Not He Should Run To Get His Metro Train 7. Somebody's Stupid Uncle

Clockwise from left: 1. Saucy Robot Who Is Understood By The Other Characters In The Movie But Not The Audience 2. Determined Pellet-Shaped Candy Mascot 3. Guy Having An Epiphany About Something In His Cubicle 4. Mountain Lion Who Can See When He Is Going To Die

First row: 1. Unfinished 2. Tiny Genial Robot Who Is The Life Of The Party
Second row: 3. Person Who Is Surprised When Somebody Tells Him His Ears Are Big 4.  Creepy Temp With Receding Chin Among Other Problems 5. Kid Who Gets Bullied Frequently And Experts Don't Understand Why 6. Guy Who Would Be Wearing A Leisure Suit If This Were The 1970s
Third row: 7. Unfinished 8. Man Whose Windswept Combover Only Temporarily Distracts People From His Grossly Asymmetrical Eyes
Fourth row: 9. Cat You Feel Guilty About Neglecting 10. Man Waking Up From Brain Surgery Slightly Stupider Than Before 11. Guy Who Believes In Gay Marriage In Theory But Is Still Perceptibly Uncomfortable Around Homosexuals
Clockwise from top: 1. Quadrapus 2. Adorable Kitten Who Idolizes Quadrapus 3. Intelligent Dog With Stupid Face 4. Boy 5. A spaceship 6. Neopolitan Man
And here are a couple extras below. Click the thumbnails to see the full images if you want.

Flying back to Chicago tomorrow for law school. It's going to be really nice to be back home, which is what I consider Chicago now.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Will Romney Pick Pawlenty for VP? I'm Hoping So Because Of A Couple Domains I Own

Still shot from a campaign video featuring Tim Pawlenty, me, and a Black Person at CPAC 2011.
News sources are saying that there's a decent chance that Romney will pick Tim Pawlenty to be his VP candidate. While I was never able to get my hands on, I did buy and roughly two years ago.

Plus I was briefly in a Pawlenty campaign video last year! 

Unfortunately I don't think he's going to pick Pawlenty. Romney is the clear underdog and needs several lucky breaks to beat Obama this year. Even if the economy tanks, the Republicans have left their destructive fingerprints on so many programs in the last couple years that I don't think that will sway things toward Romney.

Pawlenty is a "safe" choice, which means he has very little upside. While it's possible that Romney will be so deterred by McCain's choice of Palin that he'll want to avoid any possible loose cannons, I don't think he's going to choose such a boring candidate. If he's going to pick a boring candidate, he might as well pick one from a crucial swing state, like Bob McDonnell of Virginia.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A More Serious Follow-Up To The Post Right Before This One About SEIZESEPUEDE.COM

So many previously successful web entrepreneurs make websites that are supposed to effect "change", sites like Jumo and TechnoServe. But these sites are just modernized charities and aren't actual solutions; they perpetuate. Reading about them depresses me sometimes. Charity certainly helps people and I'd rather have it than nothing, but reading article after article about how the internet is changing the world for the better bums me out. It's not changing the world for the better. The world is the same and it's not changing.

That's why I thought might be a neat idea. A website that actually changes things. An internet revolution that is actually revolution and isn't just the polishing of a turd. That's what the internet does at best right now; it polishes our big Earth turd. Having a sleek turd is nice, but it's still pretty gross if you ask me!

Also I just bought because it sounds like it might be a thing.

BocceBird helps you connect to other Bocces with cloud mobile platform processing and CLAMP-based dynamics.


.COM Domain Name Registration - 1 Year (recurring)

Quantity:1 domain(s)

I was talking to friends about stuff and something prompted me to joke about developing an app that makes it easier for workers and government leaders in developing countries to seize land and assets from wealthy European companies and redistribute them. I decided that it would be called "Seize Se Puede". Then I liked that name so much that I immediately bought the domain.

It comes from "Si Se Puede", the famous inspirational line from legendary labor leader Cesar Chavez, which was of course translated and adapted by Obama for his presidential campaign. The name of this domain might not actually be that marketable though because "Seize Se Puede" sounds almost exactly the same as "Si Se Puede" when said out loud. But maybe that's a good thing for a wealth redistribution application.

Also Godaddy tells me I have 75 domains expiring. Great.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm not dead, don't worry. I'm working on something.

I'm working and living in DC for the summer. I live near the Shaw stop on the Green Line of the Metro, which is a dream come true for me; I've always wanted to live here.

When I'm not at my job and I'm not with friends and I'm not stuffing my face, I'm stuffing my head with Ruby on Rails and working on my newest, biggest project called Moodstring (MoSt for short). 

I'll have a very early test version of the site up soon at I haven't really started working on the layout yet, and most of the features that the site will eventually have aren't done or even started yet, but the site will technically be functional: You can register an account, log in, and post your mood on a scale from 0 to 10. 

There's a lot more to MoSt than it might seem like though. It has huge potential for data collection, advertising, self-improvement, and social networking that won't really make sense until I post the actual pitch for the website, which I'm not going to do yet. 

So keep checking back and I'll keep you posted on the site. In the meantime I guess I'll also post doodles and stuff. There's a ton of stuff that I've been wanting to post on this clog--articles, cartoons, other things--that I haven't gotten around to posting. Make me do that please; yell at me.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Cartoons I Drew

I started drawing cartoons in January and here are some more of them.

That's a picture of what I imagine the Scottish Fold kitten that my girlfriend Peichi (If you're seeing this and thinking, "I thought he was gay!", it's possible to be queer and not actually be a 100% gay dude.) and I are gonna get in the fall will look like. Omar, get out of that cat food!! I love the third little cat head on the bag, the one in "BAO", because it's so fat and cute. Unfortunately Peichi suddenly had to fly back to Taiwan today because of a family emergency. It's a pretty horrible situation for her overall so root for her please. I'm not sure when she'll be able to come back. Getting the cat either way.

Hey lady, nice EGGS


I will post many more. I ran for president of my law school's student government and used cartoons to campaign so I'll make a post about that. And I have a lot of drawings just lying around that I want to post. 

I'm also drawing things specifically for the social networking site I'm starting to make,

All of these cartoon photos were taken with my cell phone.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Breakout Song For Hoodie Allen?

I'm not a big fan of Hoodie Allen, but this song is so damn catchy. "No Interruption" might bring him up a tier in the rap world. At least he doesn't just rap about weed like Mac Miller or frat parties like Sam Adams. Definitely the best young Jewish rapper of the three. Sometime I'll write a post about how so many successful white rappers are Jewish. If you're white and you want to be a rapper, you'd better be Jewish. Asher Roth, Mickey Avalon, El-P, Aesop Rock, etc.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Started Drawing Cartoons A Couple Months Ago And I Really Like Doing It

In early January I started drawing cartoons, and they were terrible at first. But now I'm better and hopefully I'll keep getting better. The things above are called quadrupi (quadrupus singular). I'm also looking to try hand-drawn animation. Anyway, here are some more drawings from the past month:

This is the oldest cartoon in this post:
The Etsy link is for my friend Lindsy Liu's plush dolls, which were my inspiration. I have one myself and they're great.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The First Semester Of Law School Is Like Building A Boat When You Don't Know What A Boat Looks Like

In my "Pie King" post I gave an extended version of this analogy. I told it to a friend/classmate when we were cramming for finals last semester and apparently he used the analogy at an interview and they liked it!

An excerpt from our conversation:

5:26 PM J: do you remember when you told me that law school was like building a boat when you don't know what a boat looks like?
5:27 PM me: yeah
5:28 PM J: I used that in an interview and one of the clerks really liked it, I'll be sure to give you partial credit if I get it
  he referenced it 2 or 3 times during the interview, it was kinda funny
 me: gotcha, cool
  haha nice
5:29 PM J: they were like " so what did you think of your first semester?" and wham, I dropped the boat on them
5:30 PM me: damn straight

In Case Anybody Forgot Or Didn't Know...

Also here's one for Deep Dish (Keven), my nemesis/friend. I didn't have to make it myself!