Monday, March 25, 2013

Updates Soon

I'm a bum. Updates about all the bum stuff I'm doing during and around my spring break to come soon. Sorry for that.

I did file my first provisional patent for Moodstring about 10 days ago though! I'm taking Patent Prosecution (which means filing patents and getting the patent office to accept them and making sure the patents will protect you as much as possible in the future) at school and even though I may be the only student in the class who isn't actually eligible be a patent prosecution lawyer because I didn't major in a hard science, I took it because I wanted to be able to file my own patents, and it's already come in handy. I'm the only person whom I can legally file patents for, but that's enough.

Friday, March 15, 2013


A guy is saying to stop being offended and people are reading this and liking it. But he's not saying it right. He's doing it from the privileged conservative white Christian male perspective.

I love how he says "textbooks are being rewritten". White-people-are-awesome textbooks shouldn't get to be the default just because it's annoying when people are offended by things. I understand what this article is saying, and I partially agree with it, but it also feeds into the conservative invention of "political correctness" that they use to buttress bigoted policies and views.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

And he talks about comedians being afraid to say their material, presumably referring mainly to Seth MacFarlane and his stupid sexist jokes at the Oscars. But there are different kinds of offensive from comedians. Lenny Bruce's kind of offensive was wonderful because it made valid criticisms about society, and it made people uncomfortable in a way that forced them to think about how they see things. George Carlin was like this too. Seth MacFarlane's jokes were offensive because they were destructive and harmful, and they weren't funny enough to make up for it. I think I like Seth MacFarlane overall, but he stunk at the Oscars.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Make Pun, Reddit Likes Pun

I'm not a big Reddit user at all. But for a little while I really liked a subreddit called Fifth World Problems because it gave me an opportunity to think of and post puns. It's not primarily meant for wordplay; it's supposed to be a forum for complaining about problems that don't make sense in a world with our known rules of physics.

Anyway, I made this pun and people liked it (screenshot was edited to fit on this blog):

Re-percussions, see? Heh heh.

That was by far my most popular pun on there, and it's rare for a post to get that many upvotes on such a small subreddit. I still have yet to get on the actual front page of Reddit though.

My two week spring break starts at the end of this week and I'm not going anywhere, so if you want to meet me for some reason, hit me up and we can get booze or something when I'm not at Horseshoe Casino down in Indiana trying to make money at the poker tables.