About Jeremy Pegg

Jeremy Pegg is the pen name of Jeremy Peter Green, trademark attorney and founder of JPG Legal and Communer, a trademark marketplace. He attended Northwestern University School of Law on a full academic scholarship and is licensed as an attorney in New York and the District of Columbia. He's also an amateur cartoonist, domain squatter, former autograph dealer, and general bottom feeder who makes websites, humor, music, and cartoons. 

Pegg has been profiled on USA Today, CNBC, NPR’s Morning Edition, CNN Money, the New York Daily News, HLN, CNN Politics, DCist, Vox.com, CNET, Mic.com, NBC News, WIRED, The Hill, and several other news sources.

Pegg is from Maryland and DC, went to college in NYC and law school in Chicago, and is now back in DC. He lives with pretty bad Tourette Syndrome that he hides. JPG Clog (short for "Jeremy Pegg's Electronic Log") is his personal blog.

You can contact him by clicking the contact link in the menu here at the website of his law office, jpglegal.com. Jeremy also founded Communer, a marketplace where you can buy and sell trademarks.