Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DC's Insider Newspaper Wrote A Piece About Me And My Political Domain Squatting

Judy Kurtz of The Hill wrote a piece about me, in her column called "In The Know," that talks about my political domain squatting activities for a while, mentioning a few other things about me as well. The Hill is DC's "insider" newspaper and it focuses on federal political news. She interviewed me on the phone first and she was very nice. I'm glad I don't look like a total piece of shit in the piece. She also later went on DC's Fox affiliate and talked about my domain squatting for a few minutes on the local version of Good Morning America.

Here's are some excerpts from the piece:

"Jeremy Peter Green shelled out thousands of dollars to amass his collection of 180 domain names. The 26-year-old recent law school graduate says proudly, "As far as I know, I have a better 2016 collection than anyone else out there."

. . .

The Maryland native started focusing on 2016 well before the previous presidential showdown was decided, buying up domains shortly after finishing college in 2010. The domain name guessing game seemed like a natural fit for the self-professed political junkie, who worked as an autograph dealer in college to earn extra spending money.

. . .

Green, who works at a labor law firm, says he knows not everyone approves of his domain name buying spree.

. . .

Green says he has a game plan if his domain names prove to be a tough sell: “I will use them. I’ll make fun of the politicians if I’m unable to sell them.” That’s what Green, a Democrat, did in 2012, turning a domain name based on Rick Santorum into a blog poking fun of the former GOP presidential candidate. "

One funny result of this piece is that I got former Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño's name in the conversation; he hasn't been talked about much. I imagine a staffer of his getting a Google News alert about the piece and thinking "Who the fuck is this Jeremy Peter Green guy?" Maybe some DC insiders will read this piece and the buzz for his name will grow, as it should.

You should really read it yourself though; I was surprised by how much of it ended up being about me. A lot of my former law school classmates got a kick out of it.