Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kaiser Wilhen

Here, have a chicken character I drew. It actually began as a fake clip art drawing I made for my part of an Animal Law group presentation about the conditions of egg-laying hens and what different labels for eggs mean.

My portion of the project was to compare the U.S.'s minimum standards for the treatment of hens and requirements for labels to the E.U.'s. The gist is that the E.U. is ahead of us in every conceivable way in this area.

If you're eating eggs in the E.U., the hens are treated pretty well. If you're eating eggs in the United States, there's around a 90% chance that they're treated horribly, even if it has some promising label on it like "American Human Society certified". It's depressing. There are only a couple of labels in the United States that actually indicate that the hens are being treated well.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty rough. My sleeping has been bad and exams are coming up. I've also been working on side projects and doing things for friends of mine.

Last Saturday I woke up around 7AM to get to the courthouse down in the Loop so I could be my classmate's defendant in a mock trial for his Intro to Trial Advocacy class. After that ended around 1 and we got lunch, then I walked with him to SAIC's MFA art show, which was humongous. Then I went to a fundraiser theater production being held by Northwestern's med school, then went to a bar nearby with some friends after that, then went to another bar on Kinsey where several classmates were having a big birthday party, then went to the end of a pop country concert at a bar up at North and Clybourn, then ran into some LLM students I know and hung out with them until about six. I think I slept pretty late on Sunday, but I don't remember right now.