Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Am I Doing? An Update

Table of contents for this post:

1. Cartoons
2. Hip hop production
3. Miscellaneous
4. Finishing up law school

1. Cartoons

I'm working on a long-form cartoon called "Four Disney Princesses as REAL WOMEN." It parodies two things we've been seeing lately.

First, it makes fun of all these annoying features about ads and photography projects that use "real women" or "realistic women" as models and demand that we give whatever magazine or clothing line used them a pat on the back.

I'm a feminist and I guess in some ways I should be in favor of this facet of the body-positive movement, but I don't know, it's just too smarmy and obnoxious. It ultimately has no real meaning and doesn't help anything. And what the fuck is a "real" woman? Skinny women and morbidly obese women are just as real as average-figured women. So this cartoon makes fun of the use of that term.

Second, the long-form cartoon makes fun of the less widespread "Disney princesses wearing modern clothes" concept that I see on places like Tumblr.

Here's the latest version of another of my real woman princesses:

Stop wearing gym shoes with office clothes, people! This goes for both men and women. If you really don't want to wear your heels during your commute, then wear flats or at least less clunky sneakers. It's not as though ugly sneakers and uncomfortable high heels are the only two options.

2. Music

Some of you know that I've been very casually producing music over the past couple of years under the name Twitchy The Killer. My current project is a mashup of two extremely catchy songs. I'm not usually into mashups, and I've never made one before, but for some reason I had a strong urge to see if I could make an already catchy song even catchier. The two songs are Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood and Feel So Close by Calvin Harris. Amazingly (to me), this mashup has apparently never been tried before, so mine will be the first. 

To get harmony, I brought the Calvin Harris song up in pitch by three semitones. I also sped up the tempo slightly to match that of the Neighbourhood song. Here's the latest draft:

Check this out on Chirbit

If you want to see my finished work, go to my SoundCloud page. I still haven't gotten around to buying a good microphone, so I don't have any vocals for you, sorry.

3. Miscellaneous

I'm also writing. Mainly under a secret name. I'm working on other stuff too.

4. Finishing up law school

Oh right, I'm finishing up law school here at Northwestern. My course-load this semester is brutal. Good thing the school isn't making me pay tuition!