Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Cartoons On Fast Food Strike Signs Were Distributed Throughout The Midwest Last August And Managed To Grab Some Cameras

At the last minute I made several cartoon posters for different cities in the Upper Midwest that were used in local instances of the August 31st nationwide low-wage/fast food worker strikes. This is not my best work because it was rushed, I didn't have my choice of implements available, and because even just three months ago I was noticeably worse at drawing cartoons than I am now. 

The cartoons I'm drawing for the next strike and for viral content we're planning to release after it are much better than these. And be sure to visit my webcomic, Feldman the Cat. Anyway, here you go:

A man holds my anthropomorphic burger sign in Bloomington, Illinois on the local CBS affiliate.

For some reason, the news show chose to focus on the little sign-on-a-sign that the burger was holding instead of the burger itself. 

Unfortunately I didn't find any pictures or videos of this sign that was sent to Springfield, Illinois. However, in the following video I do hear Springfield rally-goers chanting "Why make a Big Mac for a small wage?"
Anthropomorphic french fries that were sent to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Keep watching this blog for much better and cooler cartoons that I've been drawing for this campaign. In the meantime, visit my webcomic, which I've actually been updating, at fthecat.com

Here, have a recent picture of me. Very sleepy: