Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stupid Mallard Fillmore And Ethnic Profiling/I Turned 25 Today

If I responded to every political cartoon I disagreed with, that would be too much. But occasionally I want to.

Here's today stupid Mallard Fillmore. A lot of people find it really offensive when conservatives advocate for [ethnic] profiling, as Bruce Tinsley subtly does in this cartoon:

I'm not really very offended by Republicans who defend mild racial/demographic profiling. Because if you don't actually think about it, hearing about agents pulling Grandma or a small child to the side to search them sounds ridiculous. And if you're a dumb-ish white person, it might make sense to you in your comfortable never-suspected-of-anything bubble that airport security should as a practical matter be more inclined to investigate the people who are demographically most likely to be airplane terrorists, and they shouldn't waste time on old ladies and children. And they're right that the TSA only has limited resources for doing the more intense searches that we're talking about here, and every old lady searched means roughly one fewer swarthy bearded guy searched.

But not only is this opinion and practice discriminatory and against what our society's values should be, it's also stupid and not actually practical. And when we suffer the first high-profile attack on a plane committed by terrorists who deliberately used a pale child or old woman to smuggle a device onto a plane, these conservative racial profiling defenders will finally shut the fuck up about it and pretend they never had that opinion. It's unfortunate that it might have to come to that.

Also I turned 25 today. I feel about 25 so I guess it's good that those things match up.