Thursday, April 25, 2013


Boston has been very brave lately. I mean, sure the net danger of being around Boston during the lockdown was still much lower than that of being somewhere in Chicago or the Bronx, but it looked scary! And it totally increased my net faith in humanity that a horrible thing was committed by people and some people who were running on the day of the bombing kept running somewhere and not stealing wallets and shoes from people.

Now we need to do 10,000 Boston bombings in the Muslim world to make sure this never happens in the U.S. again!

Hey so I know this might seem like an absurd opinion to have if you live in the developed world, but life isn't wonderful, it's horrible, and the Boston bombings lowered my faith in humanity because they reminded me of how we do these same horrible things to people every day in the Muslim world and people here really don't seem to think or care that we do.