Sunday, August 7, 2011

Moo and Moe and My Uncle and My Grandpa

I haven't posted in a while. Moo Thunder Stout is good. Here's a picture of me drinking it, taken by my friend Gigi:

American Ice Company is a bar in DC that has it. That bar's pretty good. I had a going away party there last night. I'm moving to Chicago in a week. My dad's driving me up.

My grandpa's funeral was Friday. He was a lawyer and it had a lot of lawyers. I'm pissed off because I just found out today that my grandpa's Uncle Louie, who I knew helped him financially throughout college and law school when the GI Bill wasn't enough, is the man Moe Szyslak, the bartender from The Simpsons, is based on. I wish I could have asked my grandpa about that. That's pretty important! More on that later after I've done more research.

You could argue that saying Moe is based on my great great uncle is misleading because he actually shares that honor with comedian Rich Hall, but I think it's fine to say because my uncle was indeed the original inspiration for Moe, and Rich Hall only influenced the character after he had already been created.

Wikipedia entry about Louis "Red" Deutsch:

Interview about my great great Uncle Louie on Howard Stern: The recordings of my uncle in this are great. They sound so much like Bart Simpson's phone conversations with Moe. It's like I'm related to Moe!

I have a lot of Jewish and Irish boxing blood in me. That must be part of why I'm always wanting to give people the business. I already do a good impression of this cool dead uncle of mine and maybe I'll start doing it sometimes when I want to be funny.

Having an interesting ancestor doesn't make me interesting though. I'm still working on that. I'm going to make a new post about Santorum 2012 soon. Number one result when you google 'Santorum 2012'!

My full name is also engraved on the wall of Chidogo's at 14th and U in DC and I need to write about that.

[Editor's note: Stupid paragraph about my personal life redacted. I'm embarrassed for writing something so bad. Here is the summary: Emerson did something horrible to me without realizing it and made me an unrecognizable shell of a person for six weeks and I stopped eating and I couldn't go to ACL rehab and that is why the tissue transplant was an utter failure and I can't play basketball and need to get ACL surgery again. She made me a more cynical person and the non-physical damage she did to me took many months to fix. It shouldn't have been a big deal at all, but she made it one with how she did it and maybe someday she will apologize.]

I learned at this funeral that some old Jewish people are really obnoxious and insufferable. My sister Sarah got pissed at this one horrible woman. It was just that one woman, really; everybody else was nice. Maybe I can be the first ever Jewish comedian to talk about how crazy old Jewish people are!