Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hebrew National Hot Dog Contest

I entered a hot dog eating contest in Catonsville, Maryland hosted by Duesenberg's as the prelude to their Independence Day parade on July 3rd and got third place after eating ten hot dogs in ten minutes. The trophy is maybe the nicest prize I've won in a contest, but I think I'm through with competitive eating forever.

I ate the exact right number of hot dogs in order to get a trophy. If I remember right, the fourth place person ate 9.5, and the fifth place person ate 9. I started getting seriously worried about throwing up after maybe the sixth hot dog and it was hard to keep going. The two leaders crushed me though, battling it out until the better athlete had eaten 12.5, beating the runner-up by half a wiener to be crowned Catonsville's Biggest Wiener!

 Ready for more!