Monday, May 31, 2010

Comedy Party Does Well in Iceland

A satirical political party in Iceland won a plurality of seats in the country's capital. They're now communicating with another major party about coalescing.

"However, Eggertsson has yet to watch the American television series The Wire and Gnarr recommends that he does. Throughout the election, Gnarr has said that he will not consider a coalition with anyone who hasn’t seen The Wire."

This is a perfect example of comedy politics, which is what I wrote my personal statements about to every target law school, including Harvard and Northwestern. This is exactly what I plan to do in the future. Good for Iceland!

I think these comedians will be noticeably more frank, practical, competent, and moral than normal politicians. This will be a good test of the value of comedy politics. Hopefully they won't turn out to be corrupt assholes, or even worse, boring.