Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Projects Project is Back!

The site is finally back up and the new layout is almost finished. Soon I'll post updates of my exploits with Ian at CPAC 2010, including pictures. I kept putting off the construction of this site until I finally got a lucky break that gave me the time to work on it. Or maybe a lucky tear. I'll find out at the orthopedist tomorrow. I popped something in my left knee (formerly my good knee) tackling a gigantic person in a rugby scrimmage on Sunday and had to go to the emergency room. Now I can barely move!

Getting ready in the morning is hard enough just having to deal with Tourette Syndrome, but now it's also like a game in which I have to avoid stepping in lava, where any part of the floor or anything else that touches my left leg is the lava! This game is especially fun because my brain keeps twitching my leg, aggravating the injury further and slowing my recovery time.

So this is good news for TPP! I can focus on putting up sorely needed updates. More to come.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


People in New York are so unfriendly. I took the Megabus from DC to New York today. I'm not even in Manhattan for two minutes and some Jew tells me to "Vamoose!" He was standing in front of a bus and surrounded by his "tribe" so I got out of there fast.